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Arts Fire Cooperative

Arts Fire is the art and creative talent division of Baugh Holding Company. Current projects are the Liars Club and the World of Webb blog.

What do you mean Arts Fire? Are you sure it isn't Farts Ire? No, it's Arts Fire. Some poeple in this country are in a very meek, placating mood. They live afraid of making offense, of outraging someone. So their lives are dominated by a cloud of cacophonic voices telling them to be careful what they say, who they associate with, what they eat, where they live, and a legion of other niggling worries. It's a hell of a way to live.

IMHO, the best art is triggering. It evokes feels. So it must be fearless. My vision for Arts Fire is a BIG HAIRY ASK--the age old question of how an artist can dedicate themselves to work that doesn't pay the bills and still eat, live inside, have health insurance and such.

Arts Fire is especially focused on work that goes against the grain, maybe especially because the work goes against the grain. Meaning? HA! Not so easy. It's too early to define what I mean by "going against the grain".

Now, just let's be clear. I am a grumpy old cab driver. I know how to drive a cab and to write. I don't have the first clue as to how to manage creatives like myself.

It's not funded, there is no plan, only an idea. Scary place to start, I know. But creatives make great things with no money, no plans and just a vision. We are different because others see a big hunk of dirty stone and we not only see Michaelangelo's David, but take the stone home and start carving.

Last, I got my start as a cab driver working for Taxi Unilimited in Berkeley, CA. Taxi Unlimited was one of the last surviving collectives in the 1980's that could trace its origins to Free Speech radicals like Mario Savio. I cut my teeth on cooperatives and collectives. Scratch me hard and I still bleed collectivism. So part of the vision is that Arts-Fire will be a producers cooperative.